Our blog covers a wide range of topics to help inform our members about STEMM, Health Equity, cancer.  This can span mentoring, career transitions, mentorship, and grant funding for students, scholars, and researchers/clinicians.  This can span general information, disparities, basic and clinical research, resources, and advocacy to navigate cancer for patients, caregivers, survivors, and supporters.


To increase STEMM workforce diversity and improve outcomes for underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized populations across the cancer care continuum.


To have a trained workforce that reflects the populations experiencing the greatest disparities, and to increase cancer awareness and survivorship for all.

Our Values


As the world is becoming more diverse, we are steadfast in our belief that we have to recognize, appreciate, and respect the lived experiences and backgrounds of our employees, trainees, patients, and others without judgement.


We ensure that everyone, especially those disadvantaged, are treated with respect and cultural humility. Interventions must help those with the least access to care.


No one person or group can solve all of these issues alone. The key to making lasting change is through partnering, highlighting, amplifying, supporting, and working with others so that we can collectively make a difference.


Enabling and encouraging those we engage to accomplish any personal, academic, professional or health care goal. This also includes advocating for your needs.


We are clear about what we do, our impact,  and our governance. We strive to help those most marginalized and excluded communities that we serve.

Determination and Action: 

We do the things that we set out to do and drive to ensure that we keep our focus on those that are most excluded.

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